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Your precious metals are safe with us: Store your valuables (including jewelry, documents and other items of value) conveniently and discretely at Degussa in Munich.

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Degussa in Munich

Our new Old Gold Center in Munich has welcomed customers seeking to sell old gold, jewelry and silver since June. The expert for new gold offers the best prices for legacy gold!

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If you want to keep up to date on current precious metal prices even when you’re on the go, then we can recommend our Gold-Ticker app for iOS and Android to you.

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100 g Degussa gold bar
3,057.00 €
1 oz Krügerrand gold coin
968.50 €
1 kg Degussa silver ingot
572.75 €
1 oz Philharmonic silver coin
16.98 €

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Sharenet has published an English bulletin from Reuters: “The old Degussa was an industrial company and now we are a precious metal trading and investment company.”

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