This question often worries owners of precious metals.

Gold, in particular, represents a high concentration of value and can quickly be converted into cash. That is why it has always been an object of desire. And that is why it requires safe storage.

The “good” secret hiding place at home is free, but the risk of discovery and thus total loss is incredibly high. On the other hand, professional security arrangements, such as alarm system, burglar protection, and safe can easily cost a (small) fortune.

As an appropriate answer to the question above, Degussa offers several alternatives for the storage of physical precious metals, all of which shift the storage risk out of the private sphere and offer maximum security at a fair price.

In most Degussa branches, personal documents and valuables can be placed in a safe deposit box and insured according to their value.

The Degussa Precious Metals Depository offers safekeeping of bars and coins in a professional high-security depository. The storage items remain the property of the customer, unmistakably assigned to them based on individual serial numbers and insured against loss or damage by Degussa. If necessary, stored items can be sold or physically delivered quickly.

As a speciality precious metal depository, the Degussa-duty-exempt Warehouse offers the option to invest in various white precious metals without incurring the otherwise obligatory VAT.

Security for permanent values

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