Duty-exempt warehouses are officially approved and supervised warehouses in which goods can be stored without incurring duty or taxes.

Although the Degussa duty-exempt warehouse is located on German territory, bars originating from outside the EU and stored here are not considered imported into the economic territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Due to this specific nature, clients can purchase a range of precious white metals (silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium) at net value (excluding value-added tax) within the duty-exempt warehouse. Tax (only) incurs when clients have their bars delivered physically, which of course is possible at any time against payment of the incurring tax as well as delivery-, customs declaration- and delivery costs.

However, if the metals in the duty-exempt warehouse are sold back to Degussa, the entire process remains VAT exempt. As a result, the return opportunities considerably increase when buying white precious metals bars.

The Degussa duty-exempt warehouse offers the following products:

  • 1 kg silver bars
  • 5 kg silver bars
  • 15 kg silver bars
  • 100 g platinum bars
  • 100 g palladium bars
  • 100 g rhodium bars

The minimum volume for Degussa duty-free warehouse stock is EUR 15,000. This volume can also be achieved by adding the respective net values when purchasing a variety of metals. Subsequently, additional purchases or (partial) sales are possible with an equivalent value of € 5,000 per transaction, provided that the minimum stock volume is maintained. With regard to safety and transparency, the duty-exempt warehouse complies with the same high standards as the Degussa Precious Metals Depository.

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