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Shanghai gold boss wants super-sovereign currency for post-crisis times.28.04.2020
Inflation Risks in the Wake of the Pandemic.28.04.2020
China Gold Association says gold consumption in the country fell 48.2% y/y in Q1.28.04.2020
Gold: Helping to provide inflation protection – UBS28.04.2020
Colin Hamilton: Gold Seen Trending Up, Silver Opportunity Emerging.28.04.2020
The Fed Has Gone Nuts. And It Can Get Worse.28.04.2020
Is $3000 gold possible? A look at the ‘for and against’, and Australian gold miner Alkane.28.04.2020
Gold Buyers Are Forking Over Lofty $135 Premiums For U.S. Coins. 28.04.2020
Gold Prices Up In The Midst of Increasing Unpredictability20.03.2020
Russia's gold & near-zero debt give it best chance of thriving in post-coronavirus apocalypse20.03.2020
Perth Mint Bullion Sales Contract in February20.03.2020
Gold jumps 3%, platinum 8% as stimulus bonanza stalls cash hunt20.03.2020
Visualizing Central Bank Gold Buying And Gold Repatriation20.03.2020
Gold and the ESG Revolution20.03.2020
UBS Global WM's Gordon: I Would Be Buying Gold Now 20.03.2020
Platinum in hybrid vehicles13.02.2020
Why the pension crisis is great for gold and silver prices13.02.2020
U.S. Gold Exports Dived Over 15%13.02.2020
Virus hits China's gold jewellery demand as shoppers stay away13.02.2020
The relevance of gold as a strategic asset13.02.2020
Sales of gold jewellery in China set to plunge13.02.2020
Global Gold Holdings Hit Seven-Year High as Investors Take Cover29.01.2020
Gold set for another bumper year on 'unprecedented uncertainty' 29.01.2020
2020 Outlook: More price volatility is ahead28.01.2020
Gold Parades Haven Status With Rally to Highest Close Since ‘1328.01.2020
COT: Oil bought, gold sold ahead of virus outbreak28.01.2020
Why Germany Is Going To War With Gold28.01.2020
The price of rhodium reaches an 11-year high 22.01.2020
Gold Conferences & Events 22.01.2020
Why Einhorn Hates Netflix More Than Ever, And Remains Long Gold22.01.2020
Macroeconomics remain supportive for Gold 22.01.2020
Ray Dalio Lambastes Bitcoin (BTC), Praises Gold in Davos22.01.2020
Gold and silver are looking like a good bet22.01.2020
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand 20% down y-o-y15.01.2020
Gold Retreats As Risk Appetite Ratchets Higher15.01.2020
Gold is rebounding, but trader warns of more downside to come 15.01.2020
Outlook for gold in 202015.01.2020
The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns15.01.2020
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s gold volume unchanged again in Dec. but forex total rises15.01.2020
Europe’s Renewed Interest in Gold
Online Bullion Marketplace Onegold Sees $50 Million in Crypto Payments15.01.2020
How This Record Money Bubble Ends10.01.2020
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver dive as Iranian tensions ease10.01.2020
Winners of LBMA's 2019 Precious Metals Forecast Survey 10.01.2020
Initial Jobless Claims Beat Expectations, Gold Prices Sink 10.01.2020
Gold-backed ETF holdings reached all-time highs in 201910.01.2020
Wait for Pullback in Gold Before Buying10.01.2020
Gold Prices Slip Back as Risk Appetite Endures, US Payrolls Eyed Next02.01.2020
New Physical Gold-Backed Transfer System Launchedl02.01.2020
How do gold's 2019 gains stack up in different currencies?02.01.2020
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: An interestingly positive year for gold and silver in prospect02.01.2020
CFTC: fund managers continue to increase their long positions in gold
ETFs, Hedge Funds Pile Into Platinum on Brightening Outlook02.01.2020
Gold Prices Hold Near 4-Month Highs Despite US-China Trade Hopes02.01.2020
Golden year for precious metals as 2019 sees glistening run02.01.2020
Goldhub blog: Key trends to watch as we conclude 201917.12.2019
Gold and Silver Miners Outperforming the Metals17.12.2019
Wealth Management: Market Perspective – Keeping an open mind17.12.2019
Heraeus Precious Metals: South African PGM supply short-circuits under Eskom17.12.2019
Gold: a close above $1487 would suggest the bulls are grasping control17.12.2019
Kitco Metals Inc.: The ultimate gold price forecast for 202017.12.2019
Hundreds Of Billions In Gold And Cash Are Quietly Disappearing17.12.2019
ABC Refinery – A new emerging force in the Australian precious metal refining landscape.26.11.2019
Poland Repatriates 100 Tons of Gold From Bank of England Storage26.11.2019
German thieves pull off brazen heist at Green Vault museum26.11.2019
Prefer to hedge for New Year by having some gold in my portfolio: Peter Cardillo, Spartan Capital26.11.2019
Palladium recovers $1,800 Boosted by the Agreement Confidence between the U.S. and China26.11.2019
Joshua Rotbart Discusses Gold as an Investment with Pearl Magazine26.11.2019
German Central Bank: Gold Is the Bedrock of Stability for the International Monetary System26.11.2019
Investing alternatives: part 1 - commodities26.11.2019
Gold and silver long bias at the extremes, oil sentiment shifts11.11.2019
Mining industry rides M&A wave to new opportunities11.11.2019
Gold has been a safe haven this year: Time to take profits?11.11.2019
Gold Could See Fresh Lows11.11.2019
Gold Speculators Raised Bullish Bets For Third Straight Week11.11.2019
Gold showing resilience, likely to stay above $1,380, says Saxo Bank11.11.2019
Turkey's central bank largest gold buyer in Q3 with 71.4 tons11.11.2019
Gold could hit $1,700 by early 2020: Analysis11.11.2019
Turkey's gold reserves soared by nearly 70% in the first three quarters 04.11.2019
Conference 2019: 22 Investment Panel Session 04.11.2019
Bullion banks would create 25,000 jobs: WGC 04.11.2019
Conference 2019: 05 Innovation in the Chinese Gold Market 04.11.2019
Conference 2019: 19 Producer Panel Session 04.11.2019
Gold deposits at local banks reach $11 billion04.11.2019
Conference 2019: 21 Is There a Place for Gold Equities in a Gold Allocation? 04.11.2019
Old Mutual will not be closing its gold fund 04.11.2019
China Ramps Up Gold Buying Amid Global Uncertainties And Rate Cuts28.10.2019
Goldman Sachs on what's supporting the price of gold. Plus, GS forecasts for gold price.28.10.2019
Gold to Extend Rally in 2020 as HSBC Predicts $1,605 High28.10.2019
Indians are buying less gold and millennials are partly to blame28.10.2019
Gold Speculators Lifted Bullish Bets After Recent Sharp Declines28.10.2019
EY: Gold, drug money and a major auditor's 'cover-up'28.10.2019
Gold Prices Steady Despite US-China Trade Hopes as Market Eyes Fed28.10.2019
China and Russia bought 251 tonnes of gold this year10.10.2019
BNP Paribas: The outlook for gold as Fed rates fall10.10.2019
Will the Fed continue to cut interest rates in 2020?10.10.2019
China and Russia bought 251 tonnes of gold this year10.10.2019
Palladium and Gold – the most precious of metals10.10.2019
PRECIOUS-Gold at one-week high as trade talk hopes fade10.10.2019
The Commodities Feed: Gold ETF demand robust10.10.2019
Herd of bulls could push gold past US$1,600 per ounce10.10.2019
Buffett's Deception On Gold29.09.2019
Twenty Years of the Central Bank Gold Agreement comes to an end today29.09.2019
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Déjà vu in gold, silver,.pgm prices29.09.2019
Gold rally sours Indian demand in August29.09.2019
Post Labor Day gold, silver, pgm corrections extended12.09.2019
Mom-and-Pop Buyers Lift ETF’s Gold to a Record as Traders Bail12.09.2019
Gold jumps back above $1500 mark, multi-day tops12.09.2019
UBS picks the top ASX gold stocks to buy today12.09.2019
Gold futures net longs at all-time highs04.09.2019
Private investors pile into gold04.09.2019
Gold seen cracking US$1,600 as Fed goes for cut, cut, cut, cut04.09.2019
Further upside in gold prices likely: Khoon Goh, ANZ04.09.2019
India Gold Hits Record Discount on Summer 2019's Bull Run27.08.2019
We’re Now Forecasting Sharply Higher Gold & Silver Prices27.08.2019
Bank of America Says Buy Gold As Central Banks Lose Control27.08.2019
Long gold as price now destined for US$1,60027.08.2019
Velocity Of Money And GoldPalladium drops over 7% to log biggest loss in months27.08.2019
‘More Of The Same’ At The ECB Increases Gold’s Appeal – OpEd27.08.2019
Here's A Dirty Secret Few People Know About Gold27.08.2019
Wells Fargo Tries To Diss Gold; Fails27.08.2019
Silver ETFs Are Joining The Precious Metals Party02.08.2019
Palladium drops over 7% to log biggest loss in months02.08.2019
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Peak gold continues to be elusive– WGC02.08.2019
The History of the World is a History of Gold02.08.2019
Gold price rises in July strengthen status as safe haven asset02.08.2019
Gold Demand Trends Q2 201902.08.2019
Gold price rises in July strengthen status as safe haven asset02.08.2019
Gold Prices Ignore US Dollar Rise, Soar on Trade War Escalation02.08.2019
Silver closes at 13-month high as gold ekes out a gain23.07.2019
It's now smart to hold some gold23.07.2019
Central Banks’ Gold-Buying Spree Is Far From Over, Poll Shows23.07.2019
Goldman Says Yen Offers a More Attractive Hedge Than Gold23.07.2019
The gold rush heats up as sub-zero yields spread 23.07.2019
Gold prices slip on stronger dollar, profit-taking 23.07.2019
These are the 3 catalysts driving gold’s record rally23.07.2019
India’s gold demand higher than FPI inflows for a decade 23.07.2019
Gold Heads for the Longest Stretch of Gains in 8 Years05.07.2019
Gold Conferences & Events05.07.2019
Mobius: The Place to Be Is in Stocks and Gold05.07.2019
Don't get too positive on silver just because gold's racing higher05.07.2019
30-Year Treasury Bonds Flash Economic Warning Signal05.07.2019
Having Gold in Portfolio a 'Great Thing,' Barratt Says05.07.2019
Why Gold is Money: A Periodic Perspective05.07.2019
Chinese People Are Buying Gold, Taking Money Out of Banks and Stock Market05.07.2019
Powell Dampens Current Gold Rally 26.06.2019
Forex - Dollar Pushes Higher as Markets Dial Back Fed Rate Cut Bets 26.06.2019
Gold Markets Form a Massive Shooting Star 26.06.2019
Will The Rally In Gold Prices Sustain? 26.06.2019
Powell Dampens Current Gold Rally 26.06.2019
ECB gives cautious green light to League's bill on Bank of Italy gold reserves26.06.2019
OCC Report: JPMorgan Chase and Citibank Control 76 Percent of all Precious Metals Contracts at 5,362 Federally-Insured Banks 26.06.2019
Goldman Sachs update their gold price forecasts, 3, 6 and 12 months 26.06.2019
Gold Speculators Continued To Push Bullish Bets Higher24.06.2019
BlackRock Sees Gold Ending Year Higher on Fed's Dovish Pivot24.06.2019
Gold breaks out of key multi-year resistance level24.06.2019
Scotiabank: The Fed and Gold24.06.2019
Atlas Pulse Gold Report24.06.2019
Gold Has More Upside Than Downside, Macquarie WM Says 24.06.2019
Economic uncertainty lifting the gold price 24.06.2019
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: GLD adds massive 35 tonnes of gold Friday24.06.2019
Gold up on Speculation of Fed Easing; New Hope for $1,30031.05.2019
Do you know which precious metal has been the weakest in 2019?31.05.2019
FCA approves LME’s plan to slow down gold traders31.05.2019
Dollar Marches Higher as Trade Tensions Heat Up31.05.2019
Does China have enough US dollars to survive the US trade war?31.05.2019
Investing in Gold ETFs31.05.2019
Why Gold matters31.05.2019
China’s Plan To Influence Global Commodity Pricing31.05.2019
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Palladium/platinum premium to persist – Metals Focus24.05.2019
Generation Bitcoin: 90% of Millennials Prefer Crypto to Gold: ETF Expert24.05.2019
Weak US data proves positive for gold24.05.2019
Bank of Russia may consider gold-backed cryptocurrency24.05.2019
Is the gold slump showing signs of recovery?24.05.2019
Gold price: What influence does the BIS have?24.05.2019
Russia’s central bank gold-backed cryptocurrency a possibility24.05.2019
Gold Prices Rise as US Dollar Fails to Capitalize on Market Selloff24.05.2019
Romania to bring home gold reserves03.05.2019
China on gold-buying spree, ups reserves for the fourth straight month03.05.2019
Head of Dubai's gold trade body calls for more support from government, industry03.05.2019
Russia fills vaults with another 600,000 ounces03.05.2019
Anglo Asian's Azerbaijan gold output rises 5 pct in Q118.04.2019
How much gold should you currently be holding?18.04.2019
Canada releases three more bullion coins in several series18.04.2019
India’s gold reserves increase marginally in February18.04.2019
Gold And Rocketing Chinese Growth17.04.2019
Russia Expands Gold Position In February17.04.2019
Indonesian Gold Miner Amman to Consider $600 Million IPO17.04.2019
Gold likely to surpass $1,400 an ounce in Q1 202017.04.2019
Central Bank Gold Reserves Heightened in February17.04.2019
Die Deutschen horten mehr Gold als die Bundesbank16.04.2019
Changes Coming to Russia’s Gold Market16.04.2019
Umicore: from smelter to urban miner16.04.2019
Platinum is now cheaper than gold because people aren't buying enough cars16.04.2019
Central banks glimmer as gold buying reaches highs not seen since 200816.04.2019
India: Govt. bats for holding gold in electronic form15.04.2019
China's gold reserves grow for 4th month in March15.04.2019
Gold Conferences & Events15.04.2019
China Is on a Big Gold-Buying Spree15.04.2019
Gold Is Moving Back Into The Center Of The Global Financial System15.04.2019
Italy’s ruling populists push ahead to seize central bank gold reserves12.04.2019
Perth Mint’s Gold Bullion Sales Surge 68% In March12.04.2019
Changes Coming to Russia’s Gold Market12.04.2019
Russia Bought 31 Tonnes Of Gold And What This Means12.04.2019
Mining stocks are hitting an 8-year high on the JSE12.04.2019
Central banks giving much-needed boost to gold demand 11.04.2019
Gold Seized at Indian Airports Spiked Four-Fold11.04.2019
Gold Has Done Quite Well, Says BlackRock’s Holl11.04.2019
Gold Forecast 2019 from a Technical Perspective11.04.2019
Saudi Arabia's Gold Miner Plans to Be a Global Top-20 Supplier11.04.2019
Gold demand supported as central banks sour on dollar-denominated debt10.04.2019
Growing debt levels are bullish for gold10.04.2019
From medicine to nanotechnology: how gold quietly shapes our world10.04.2019
Importers now tasked to classify gold by country of origin10.04.2019
Draft law to bring international gold reserves back to Romania passes in the Senate10.04.2019
TDS covers short position in Palladium with profit09.04.2019
Goldman Sachs Says Gold to Move Higher09.04.2019
Strong Gold Demand Boosts Chow Sang Sang09.04.2019
Perth Mint's gold sales jump 68 pct in March09.04.2019
The World's Next Mining Hotspot09.04.2019
8th Dubai Precious Metals Conference08.04.2019
Global gold demand will rise to four-year high in 201908.04.2019
Palladium: The Message Of The Quarterly Chart08.04.2019
AngloGold to comply with South Africa mining rights directive08.04.2019
Russia is stocking up on gold as Putin ditches US dollars08.04.2019
Tech giant to give Indians access to gold market05.04.2019
The growth dilemma for Indian gold refiners05.04.2019
Gold price rally will have some legs05.04.2019
China’s net gold imports via Hong Kong slip in February05.04.2019
Russian billionaire wants to tokenize palladium05.04.2019
Metals Focus Sees Continued Photovoltaic Demand For Silver04.04.2019
Why Central Bank Gold Demand Is Reaching New Highs04.04.2019
Gold: Prices headed northwards04.04.2019
Russia adds more than 1,000,000 ounces of gold to country's vast stockpile04.04.2019
The rising influence of interest rate decisions on gold prices04.04.2019
India to set up gold board for spot exchanges03.04.2019
Is Unloved Platinum the Next Precious Metal to Soar?03.04.2019
Central Banks Double Down On Gold03.04.2019
The logic behind buying gold now03.04.2019
Pace of Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Slows in February03.04.2019
Rhodium Now Up 30% in 2019 and Cracks $3000/oz02.04.2019
Fiat Chrysler recall could send palladium price soaring02.04.2019
UAE gold jewellery prices inching closer to record highs02.04.2019
Soon, Google Pay will let you invest in 24k gold02.04.2019
Everlasting lure for gold02.04.2019
China and Russia Buy Up More Physical Gold01.04.2019
Switzerland Gold exports to China, India plunge in February01.04.2019
The impact of monetary policy on gold01.04.2019
US Treasury puts sanctions on Venezuela gold01.04.2019
How much gold and silver should you own?01.04.2019
Maduro’s “Illicit” Gold Targeted by US Sanctions29.03.2019
Pakistan: Gold prices shoot up to historic high29.03.2019
Silver Price is Cheap vs Gold29.03.2019
Hurdles Falling Away On Gold’s Path To Higher Prices - Perth Mint29.03.2019
A Golden View From Russia29.03.2019
Gold: Bulls Look Confident After 'Golden Cross'28.03.2019
Buy Gold, Sell Stocks Is the ‘Trade of Century’ Says One Hedge Fund28.03.2019
Silver Demand in India Set for 4-Year High on Farm Cash Payout28.03.2019
Gold refiners start exiting Uttarakhand amid tax woes28.03.2019
Where does Platinum come from?28.03.2019
Washington hits Venezuela’s gold sector with new sanctions27.03.2019
Gold benefitting as Central Banks De-Dollarize27.03.2019
Gold, the Federal Reserve, and the dollar – what's driving up precious metal prices?27.03.2019
Why India will stop importing refined gold in 3-5 years27.03.2019
Palladium is the undisputed precious metals champion27.03.2019
Pace of Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Slows in February26.03.2019
Gold, Platinum ETF holdings increase in 201926.03.2019
Google Pay set to launch gold as an investment plan on its platform26.03.2019
Major Fund Managers Join Global Central Banks With A Bullish Outlook on Gold26.03.2019
Uganda holds 3.6 tons of gold possibly from Venezuela26.03.2019
Palladium soars to record as gold edges up25.03.2019
India may stop refined gold imports in next five years, say experts25.03.2019
You Should Be Buying "As Much Gold As You Can" - Frank Holmes25.03.2019
Investors Mispricing Inflation, Which Is Good For Gold25.03.2019
Higher gold, silver and platinum prices25.03.2019
Gold’s Rally Is Not Over, According To Deutsche Bank22.03.2019
3 dozen reasons to hold gold22.03.2019
Zimbabwe: 40 tonnes gold target attainable22.03.2019
Palladium Pandemonium May Portend a Silver Mania Ahead22.03.2019
Uganda probes refinery over alleged smuggling of gold22.03.2019
Gold Has Good Chance Of Hitting $1,400 In 201921.03.2019
China shifts from dollars to gold to stave off risks21.03.2019
Negative Rates Coming: Got Gold?21.03.2019
Global Central Banks Are Gobbling up Gold21.03.2019
Billionaire Sam Zell Buys Gold21.03.2019
Palladium still has decent potential for further upside20.03.2019
Barrick Gold ends hostile takeover bid for Newmont, announces Nevada joint venture20.03.2019
China's Gold-Buying Spree Extends To Third Month20.03.2019
Perth Mint Appointed As Member Of Shanghai Gold Exchange20.03.2019
RBI inching towards becoming tenth largest holder of gold worldwide20.03.2019
Megamerger Push Has Gold Miners Eyeing New Dance Partners18.03.2019
Gold imports by India climbed in February for a 2d straight month18.03.2019
Investors taking shine to Platinum18.03.2019
Why Barrick wants to merge with Newmont18.03.2019
Romania: Parliament should set up committee to discuss gold reserves18.03.2019
Venezuela Denies Mystery Plane to Greece Was Smuggling Gold15.03.2019
Global platinum demand forecast to increase by 5% in 201915.03.2019
Grave of ancient Crimean princess discovered 'decked in priceless gold'15.03.2019
Canada's PM Trudeau Asked About Gold As Soon As He Arrived At PDAC15.03.2019
Venezuelan opposition asks Citibank to delay gold repurchase15.03.2019
Romania joins Gold Repatriation exodus14.03.2019
TD Securities sees new bids in the cards for Gold14.03.2019
Venezuelan opposition asks Citibank to delay gold repurchase14.03.2019
Trade the Gold to Silver Ratio14.03.2019
Venezuela to lose up to £1.2BILLION gold reserve to US bank 14.03.2019
Precious Metal Market Update – March 201913.03.2019
More on Goldman Sachs hiking its gold price forecast 13.03.2019
Italy's gold reserves belong to central bank13.03.2019
S.Africa's mines minister calls on police to quell violence at Sibanye mine13.03.2019
Kundan Gold Refinery enters into jewellery segment13.03.2019
Uzbekistan plans to significantly increase its gold, uranium reserves11.03.2019
Turkish Central Bank reserves in January reach $98 billion11.03.2019
U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales fall 81.1 pct in February11.03.2019
Romania Ruling Party Battles Bank Over Gold Reserves11.03.2019
DBS Bank: Gold headed northwards?11.03.2019
The future of South Africa’s deep level gold mining08.03.2019
Barrick Gold CEO makes the case for Newmont acquisition08.03.2019
Bank of Russia Cashes in as Price of Its Recently Stockpiled Gold Skyrockets08.03.2019
Venezuela removed 8 tons of central bank gold last week08.03.2019
Palladium price correction possible, but supply issues supportive08.03.2019
The Focus Is Definitely Back On Gold And Silver07.03.2019
Palladium supply deficit will see vaulted stocks exhausted in as little as two years07.03.2019
U.S. Mint Suspends Silver Bullion Coin Sales After Sales Double In February07.03.2019
How Gold Mining Merger Mania Is Here to Stay07.03.2019
Refusal to hand over Venezuelan gold means end of Britain as a financial centre05.03.2019
It's Stupid to Not Own Gold in This Monetary Mess05.03.2019
Italy to Strengthen Control Over Gold Reserves Amid Venezuela's Problems With UK05.03.2019
Frightened Investors Flock Back to Gold05.03.2019
Newmont CEO calls Barrick move `desperate’ as miner summit looms05.03.2019
China - US Rivalry and Gold04.03.2019
Citi in Talks With Treasury Over $1.1 Billion Maduro Gold Deal04.03.2019
Indians are deferring gold purchases as prices touch never-seen levels04.03.2019
Here are three big buyers of gold04.03.2019
India gold at $3-$5/oz discount as demand dries up on high prices04.03.2019
What's up with Australia's 80 tonnes of gold at the Bank of England?01.03.2019
India Gold Jewellery exports climb to $867 million in Jan01.03.2019
Australia: Central bank to check on its gold stash01.03.2019
U.S. Mint Sells Out Of American Eagle Coins, 6M Sold YTD01.03.2019
Slowing US growth to give Gold more room to rally01.03.2019
Jewellery buyers defer purchases as gold hits all-time high on global cues28.02.2019
Top 10 Reasons to Own Gold28.02.2019
Why Is Central Bank Buying Of Gold So Important?28.02.2019
India: Gold Bar Imports Leaped by 60%28.02.2019
Is the Italian Government Thinking to Touch Gold Reserves?28.02.2019
ABSA’s analysis of the gold sector in South Africa27.02.2019
UAE gold jewellery prices soar to highest level in 10 months27.02.2019
When economic trouble strikes, where should you hide? The case for gold27.02.2019
Compulsory hallmarking of gold jewellery to kick in soon 27.02.2019
Highest central bank buying in 50 years drives 4% growth in gold demand in 201827.02.2019
Canadian regulator clears Newmont’s $10B merger with Goldcorp26.02.2019
Russian gold exports fell more than three-fold in 201826.02.2019
Palladium breaks $1,500 level on supply woes26.02.2019
Peru launches crackdown on illegal gold mining in Amazon26.02.2019
Australia’s gold at the Bank of England – Extended Q & A26.02.2019
Gold to add gloss as investment asset in China25.02.2019
These 20 analysts forecast gold price above $1,400 in 201925.02.2019
China’s latest gold rush has transformed a fifth-tier city25.02.2019
Citi May Liquidate Over $1 Billion In Venezuela Gold Within Weeks25.02.2019
What Happened To Australia’s Gold?25.02.2019
HelloGold partners with Baobab Group to enter Africa22.02.2019
Bank of Italy's gold belongs to Italians - Salvini22.02.2019
Saudi gold and jewellery sector hit hard after expat ban22.02.2019
Central Banks Buy Gold Bullion Hand Over Fist, Most Purchased Since 196722.02.2019
Receding cash relevance to help gold: WGC22.02.2019
Should I Buy Gold in 2019?21.02.2019
Will Central Bank Gold-Buying Drive 2019 Prices?21.02.2019
Gold has nothing to worry about21.02.2019
Italy govt won't sell "a gram" of gold reserves21.02.2019
Maduro ally Erdoğan says Turkish town to process Venezuelan gold21.02.2019
China joins global central bank gold rush as foreign exchange reserves stabilise20.02.2019
Japan seeks to crack down on gold smuggling20.02.2019
How Venezuela is turning its useless bank notes into gold20.02.2019
Italy Mulls Selling National Gold Reserves To Avoid Next Year’s Tax Hike20.02.2019
The curse of cash and the allure of gold20.02.2019
Market outlook for 2019 – encouraging signs for gold19.02.2019
Investment Portfolios Are Broken And Gold Is the Fix19.02.2019
Italian Populists Target Huge Gold Reserves and Some Cry Foul19.02.2019
New gold policy likely to encourage ‘bullion banking’19.02.2019
Wall Street firm says there is now a 'strong case' for gold over bonds, stocks19.02.2019
Italy's Salvini: Idea to use gold reserves to plug budget holes 'could be interesting'18.02.2019
How Venezuela turns its useless bank notes into gold18.02.2019
Emirates NBD sees cash and gold among top investments for 201918.02.2019
Indian consumers cash in their gold jewellery as prices rally18.02.2019
When markets are churning, gold glints18.02.2019
Asian investors help drive gold-silver ratio to post-Lehman highs15.02.2019
Russia Leads Central Banks’ Record Hoarding on Physical Gold 15.02.2019
Are Russia, China & Turkey bringing back the gold standard? 15.02.2019
Demand for Gold to Remain Strong in Asia15.02.2019
Precious metal refiners face new LBMA environmental standard15.02.2019
The relevance of gold as a strategic asset14.02.2019
The Great Japanese Gold Trade of 185914.02.2019
Hong Kong launches new micro gold trading platform GoldZip14.02.2019
Gold Is Money, Everything Else Is Credit14.02.2019
Indian Gold jewellery demand falls to 598 tons14.02.2019
Defensive wealth management industry pans for gold13.02.2019
When China wanted silver from the rest of the world13.02.2019
Gold is an attractive investment right now13.02.2019
Silver Market Trends 201913.02.2019
Senate approves bill aiming to boost PHL gold reserves13.02.2019
Gold Is One Wealth Fund's Refuge in World Gripped by Turmoil12.02.2019
How much UAE gold jewellery prices have risen since the new year12.02.2019
Asahi to emerge as largest gold, silver refiner in US12.02.2019
WGC Report Cites Stable Gold Jewellery Demand in 201812.02.2019
Mints hope to cash in on Year of the Pig with collectable coins12.02.2019
China’s Gold jewellery demand grow by 3% in 201811.02.2019
Perth Mint's Jan gold, silver sales rise11.02.2019
Maduro’s Bid to Fly Gold Out of Venezuela Is Blocked11.02.2019
Swiss gold refiner Valcambi offers $16 million for Republic Metals Corp11.02.2019
Central Bank Gold Purchases Hit A Record In 201811.02.2019
World Gold Council: Gold Demand Trends08.02.2019
Venezuela plans to fly central bank gold reserves to UAE08.02.2019
Gold Bugs Look Out, the Federal Reserve Just Made a Case For Higher Gold Prices08.02.2019
China: 40 Years of Reforms and Gold08.02.2019
U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales rise to highest in 2-yrs in January08.02.2019
U.S. Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump In January07.02.2019
Maduro's 20-Ton Pile of Gold Is Stuck in Limbo in a Caracas Vault07.02.2019
India: Rural gold demand all set to rise, say traders 07.02.2019
US might take action against Turkey for its gold trade with Venezuela07.02.2019
Gold Rises for 4th Month, Best Winning Streak Since 201607.02.2019
China's 2018 gold consumption +5.73 pct y/y at 1,151.43 tonnes06.02.2019
Gold refiners Valcambi and Asahi make separate bids for bankrupt U.S. rival06.02.2019
Russian calls reports of Venezuelan gold in Russia untrue06.02.2019
India's 2019 Gold consumption is probably to be around 750-850 tons06.02.2019
All the macro factors in place for a big gold run06.02.2019
Senate approves bill aiming to boost PHL gold reserves05.02.2019
China Demand 'Buoyant' Even as Gold Prices Top $131005.02.2019
Venezuela's Gold: 3 Times State Wealth in Western Banks "Mysteriously" Vanished05.02.2019
Gold rupee rate near record high05.02.2019
Gold purchase by Mongolia's central bank declines sharply05.02.2019
Will The Bank Of England Give Maduro His Gold?04.02.2019
Gems and jewellery sector seeks cut in gold import duty to 4 per cent04.02.2019
Ten Factors To Look For In Gold In 201904.02.2019
Belarus' gold reserves up by one tonne in 201804.02.2019
The Case For Gold In Asia’s HNW Portfolios04.02.2019
Eagles gain as 2019 sales strong01.02.2019
85-Year-Old Man Loses $74 Million in Gold Scam01.02.2019
What's the Real Deal Behind China's Gold Purchases?01.02.2019
Why the 80:20 Gold Import Scheme is a ₹ 2.65 lakh crore (or $35 billion) scandal01.02.2019
Why is gold valuable?01.02.2019
China top concern for mining and metals31.01.2019
The diesel emissions scandal helped make palladium more valuable than gold31.01.2019
It's a very good time to be an Australian gold producer31.01.2019
Why gold has lost its lustre this wedding season31.01.2019
Gold in India30.01.2019
Demand for American Eagle silver and gold bullion coins picks up in 201930.01.2019
The top mining trends in 201930.01.2019
Gold Fields Wants to Combine With Rival AngloGold30.01.2019
Gold steadies as stocks pullback dents risk sentiment30.01.2019
Gold ETF holdings near highest level since 201329.01.2019
ICBC Standard Bank adds to precious metals desk29.01.2019
Venezuela gold holdings in Bank of England soar on Deutsche deal29.01.2019
Let’s replace US dollar with Russian gold, Moscow exchange chief suggests29.01.2019
The Power of Gold Diversification29.01.2019
A Weakening Global Expansion Amid Growing Risks. Will Gold Benefit?29.01.2019
70 Years of Fachvereinigung Edelmetalle28.01.2019
Does Gold’s Latest Rally Make This the Time to Invest in Silver?28.01.2019
WGC proposes self-regulated gold spot exchange28.01.2019
Uganda: How illicit trade is affecting the gold sector28.01.2019
Bank of Russia purchased record-breaking gold volume in 201828.01.2019
Emissions rules likely to boost Palladium28.01.2019
Russia becomes world's fifth biggest gold holder after sanctions25.01.2019
Gold entering a 'golden cross' and could point to huge rally25.01.2019
Inside Newmont’s Gamble to Create World’s Largest Gold Co.25.01.2019
Billionaire Investor Sam Zell Says He's Buying Gold "For The First Time In My Life25.01.2019
Gold…The Only Safe Place25.01.2019
Myanmar Continues Liberalisation of Gold Market24.01.2019
How California stayed with gold when the rest of the U.S. adopted fiat money24.01.2019
Stage is set in 2019 for another banner year for palladium24.01.2019
Palladium breaks above $1,400 on supply deficit24.01.2019
Gold as yield play24.01.2019
India’s Gold Jewellery Exports Nosedived 23% in Dec ‘1824.01.2019
The gov't that did not see ¢30bn unreported gold leave Ghana23.01.2019
Pimco Favors ‘Unloved’ Platinum That's Looking Cheap Versus Gold23.01.2019
Tocqueville Gold Strategy Fourth Quarter 201823.01.2019
Platinum part of the pioneering technology that paved way for first moon landings23.01.2019
Gold A Performer For Troubled Times23.01.2019
Venezuela to Refine Gold in Turkey Amid US Sanctions23.01.2019
Has £1m gold bangle scam damaged Birmingham's historic hallmarking trade?22.01.2019
Gold, the Bank of England, Venezuela ... and Deutsche Bank.22.01.2019
Russia Becomes World Fifth Biggest Bullion Holders22.01.2019
Gold Mining M&A Now 'Easier' Than New Exploration22.01.2019
WGC proposes self-regulated gold spot exchange22.01.2019
Uganda: How illicit trade is affecting the gold sector22.01.2019
World Gold Council: Outlook 201921.01.2019
Gold miners to remain cautious in 2019: report21.01.2019
Heir to the world’s largest gold processing company21.01.2019
Big Silver Move Foreshadowed as Industrial Panic Looms21.01.2019
2 Reasons Why Gold Has Plenty Of Upside Potential In 201921.01.2019
Goldman Sachs upped 12-month price forecast for Gold to $142521.01.2019
Goldman Predicts Gold Prices to Climb to Highest Since 201318.01.2019
India gold at $8/oz discount, demand dn on high rate18.01.2019
Silver likely to ramain bullish in 201918.01.2019
Jay Taylor: Gold Is The Go-To Safe Haven Of 201918.01.2019
Palladium premium over Platinum hits record18.01.2019
Swiss gold refiner Valcambi offers $16 million for Republic Metals Corp18.01.2019
Gold Turns Bullish On Major China Bump17.01.2019
Gold to shine as Fed shifts into low gear and king dollar tips over17.01.2019
Gold imports dip 14.5% to 759 tonnes in 2018 on tepid demand17.01.2019
Gold Mine Production By Country17.01.2019
Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales Show Significant Decline in December17.01.2019
Japanese find answer to recovering precious metals from cars17.01.2019
World Silver Survey 201815.01.2019
Japanese Yen And Gold: Safe Haven Trades15.01.2019
Why it makes sense to buy gold at the start of 201915.01.2019
U.S. Mint 2019 American Eagle Bullion Sales Start15.01.2019
Gold imports by India collapsed in 201815.01.2019
China's gold reserves rise for 1st time in over two years in Dec15.01.2019
Is This Why Gold Just Had Its Best Month In 2 Years?14.01.2019
A golden (long-term) opportunity14.01.2019
Palladium hits another record, inches closer to the price of gold14.01.2019
GOLD Takes Center Stage in a Fiat World14.01.2019
China raises Gold reserves for first time since October 201614.01.2019
Gold: Expected to shine through market chaos14.01.2019
Mongolian central bank's purchase of gold expected to decrease in 201911.01.2019
Ghana leader fears Chinese are illegally mining gold11.01.2019
GOLD - For Whom The Bell Tolls11.01.2019
Why Inflation Is Here To Stay – The Case For Gold11.01.2019
Russia searches for Napoleon's gold11.01.2019
Gold prices likely to gain further10.01.2019
Ice from the Alps reveals Europeans ditched gold for silver in AD 66010.01.2019
Good time to be in gold given all the market news10.01.2019
Gold is poised for a comeback in 201910.01.2019
Silver Institute: December 2018 Report10.01.2019
Bankruptcy filed by US gold refiner10.01.2019
Despite govt's diktat, gold round-tipping is still flourishing09.01.2019
Analyst: I think the rally in gold prices is ‘sustainable’09.01.2019
Barron's: Gold Can Continue to Soar While Stocks Stumble09.01.2019
Jewellery exporters welcome govt move to exempt gold import09.01.2019
U.S. Mint American Eagle 2018 gold, silver coin sales at 11-year lows09.01.2019
Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange breaks annual volumes record09.01.2019
Palladium takes the podium of best major metals08.01.2019
Iran Produces Nano Gold Bars for Medical Use08.01.2019
Govt to release draft gold exchange policy by Jan 201908.01.2019
HSBC: The Gold Market in 203008.01.2019
Perth Mint Gold Bullion Sales in November Surge Toward 2-Year High08.01.2019
Russian Central Bank Buying Gold On The International Market?08.01.2019
Signals Show Great Upside For Gold In 201919.12.2018
UK: Gold acquisitions, imports and investments19.12.2018
Royal Mint Releases Final Landmarks of Britain Silver Coin19.12.2018
Gold Bar Production – A Look At New Extraction Technologies19.12.2018
Burkina Faso: Ruins of Loropeni Shed Light on Ancient Gold Trade19.12.2018
All Gold On Earth Came From A Big Bang19.12.2018
India: Cutting gold import duty can mitigate illegal activities18.12.2018
This Market Will Drive Gold in 201918.12.2018
Gold - A Perfect Storm For 201918.12.2018
Challenges facing Gold Producers18.12.2018
Things Look Very Bullish For Gold Mining Stocks18.12.2018
Will Central Bank Save Gold?17.12.2018
Italy Hits Multi-Million-Dollar Gold Smuggling Operation17.12.2018
Gold supply to increase 2.2% for 201817.12.2018
Platinum price gets $6 billion shot in the arm17.12.2018
India: SBI switches to farm lending backed by gold17.12.2018
Nigeria's first gold refinery scheduled to be ready next year17.12.2018
Palladium remains top precious metals performer in 2018 market14.12.2018
How much gold does China have? A lot more than you think14.12.2018
Gold and Silver Price Goals For Year End14.12.2018
Annual Price Patterns in Gold, Silver, Platinum14.12.2018
The Science Behind Melting Gold At Room Temperature14.12.2018
Gold To Peak At $1,320 Next Year14.12.2018
Central Banks Load Up on Gold – So Should You!13.12.2018
Mystery of Germany's festive gold bar donations13.12.2018
DGCX, IBMC to hold UAE Africa Gold Convention13.12.2018
Gold Prices Rise Despite Fed’s Signals on Neutrality13.12.2018
Gold's stars aligned for bright December12.12.2018
Russia boosts year-on-year gold output by 3%12.12.2018
Is Palladium Price Action Forerunner for Gold and Silver?12.12.2018
Palladium Prices Are Exploding – Here’s Why It Matters12.12.2018
South African Gold Industry Enters Final Phase of Slow Death12.12.2018
UK Gold Price Hits 6-Month High as May 'Cancels' Brexit Vote11.12.2018
Russia seeks to speed up cutting VAT on gold11.12.2018
India’s Gold Smugglers Are Getting Really Creative11.12.2018
Venezuela inks oil, gold investment with Russia11.12.2018
PGM Outlook – Platinum to catch up with palladium11.12.2018
Dubai's most outrageous open-air market sells only gold11.12.2018
India's gold demand loses steam due to high prices10.12.2018
Physical gold buying to remain ‘solid’ in 201910.12.2018
Irish bank refuses to say if it plans to move its gold out of the UK due to Brexit10.12.2018
Top gold producing countries in the world10.12.2018
Gold Conferences & Events10.12.2018
Venezuela officials seek meeting with Bank of England over gold repatriation10.12.2018
Palladium hits record high, briefly surpasses gold price06.12.2018
Why Russia, Turkey and China Are Buying Gold at Record Pace06.12.2018
55 tons of Libyan gold smuggled to UAE06.12.2018
Maduro Defends Venezuela's Right to Export Gold Amid Looming US Sanctions06.12.2018
Gold Prices will start Exploding as Bubble Assets start Imploding06.12.2018
Eastern And Western Central Banks Support Gold Price06.12.2018
LBMA Conference 2018 - Highlights05.12.2018
What is the Optimal Weight for Gold in a Portfolio?05.12.2018
As Fed rethinks path for rates, gold’s poised to jump in 201905.12.2018
Will Gold Replace Greenback as Global Reserve Currency?05.12.2018
Gold & Silver Marketwatch05.12.2018
Venezuelan Opposition Urges Bank of England not to Return Gold to Maduro05.12.2018
India May Loosen Rules On Bullion Banking04.12.2018
Gold Now Has a Challenger for the Mantle of Most-Precious Metal04.12.2018
Dollar Worries: Central Banks in Gold- Buying Rush04.12.2018
India: November gold imports down 49% 04.12.2018
U.S. Mint Sales Of Silver, Gold Coins Headed To 11-Year Low04.12.2018
German Finance Ministry unaware that getting gold back from US is ‘hot topic’04.12.2018
Indian demand shines as local rates dip; buying steady elsewhere03.12.2018
Three Reasons This Investment Is a Buy Today03.12.2018
Platinum demand for jewellery catches up to automotive demand in US03.12.2018
Government puts gold dore imports under restricted category03.12.2018
Palladium remains underpinned by tight supplies03.12.2018
Royal Canadian Mint proud to report profits and performance for Q3 201803.12.2018
Europeans See More Value In Gold Compared To North Americans30.11.2018
Ballooning US deficit is good news for Indian gold investors 30.11.2018
Investors are backing gold to shine in 201930.11.2018
Greece: Nationwide illegal gold trade network dismantled, 59 arrests30.11.2018
Ex-Credit Suisse trading boss named head of World Gold Council30.11.2018
Gold pares gains after Fed minutes affirm December rate hike30.11.2018
Scientists Melt Gold at Room Temperature29.11.2018
Banque de France and Gold: Past and Future29.11.2018
The California Gold Rush29.11.2018
PMMC rebuffs Ghana Standards Authority’s "bogus" gold certification29.11.2018
Here's Why Investors Should Still Pay Attention to Gold Miners29.11.2018
Removing the Cloak from Central Bank Gold Operations29.11.2018
An interview with Anne Jessop of the Royal Mint28.11.2018
Goldman Sachs Optimistic on Gold28.11.2018
Global Gold Output To Rise During The Next Four Years28.11.2018
Gold Prices May Fall as Fed Commentary Boosts the US Dollar28.11.2018
Gold At Decisive Juncture Before Moving Ahead28.11.2018
London Gold Trading Half the Smallest Size Guessed27.11.2018
Gold production to grow in the next four years27.11.2018
Gold & Silver Marketwatch27.11.2018
Banks to get green signal for gold business27.11.2018
The $200 Trillion Gold Rush That Has Reshaped Private Banking27.11.2018
Top Gold Miners Production Cost Still Provides Floor In The Market Price26.11.2018
Doug Casey On Why Gold Is Money26.11.2018
Palladium Prices Soar, & Russia Has Plenty of the Precious Metal26.11.2018
Iran announces volume of gold reserves26.11.2018
Video: What is the future of gold?26.11.2018
Global Debt Increase 2018 vs Gold Investment26.11.2018
Australia: ‘Just bring the gold back’23.11.2018
Russia and South Africa agree on cooperation in platinum metals market23.11.2018
WGC, MMTC-PAMP set up gold assaying institute23.11.2018
Metals Focus: Record Palladium Prices Won’t Lead To Supply Surge23.11.2018
Russia's Jan-Sept gold output rises to 231.65 tonnes23.11.2018
Is Palladium More Valuable than Gold?23.11.2018
Ghana: First Hallmarked Gold Bar to Be Unveiled Next Week22.11.2018
Swiss platinum exports surge to 4-year high in October22.11.2018
Platinum: from Pharma to Farmer22.11.2018
London reveals size of centuries-old gold market for first time22.11.2018
Gold: Still Money For a Reason22.11.2018
Buying Gold Is A Non-Expiring Hedge22.11.2018
Gold worth $37 billion traded in London each day, new data shows21.11.2018
What’s Behind China’s Tightening Grip On Global Gold Markets?21.11.2018
India's gold demand to remain muted in October-December quarter21.11.2018
Gold eases within tight range as the dollar firms21.11.2018
How to melt gold at room temperature21.11.2018
Indian Gold Price Capped by Strong Rupee, Offshore Price Stable21.11.2018
Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Top 1 Million Ounces in October20.11.2018
Gold traders cheer as rupee gets stronger20.11.2018
Downtrend in gold price boosts demand in China20.11.2018
Gold edges up as dollar dips on US interest rate uncertainty20.11.2018
Bank of England refuses to return 14 tonnes of gold to Venezuela20.11.2018
SOLAR’s expertise in recycling of precious metals benefits the economy20.11.2018
Does China Have Enough Gold to Move Toward Hard Currency?19.11.2018
Gold steady as Fed caution on global economy pressures dollar19.11.2018
What “housing Armageddon” means for gold and silver19.11.2018
Palladium creeps closer to Gold price19.11.2018
Venezuela interested in Russia's participation in gold mining19.11.2018
Translating the Mindset of Peak Oil to Peak Gold19.11.2018
Gold and Platinum help to boost hallmarking figures in October16.11.2018
The New China And Gold Price16.11.2018
In a chaotic 2019, gold will be the ‘best house in bad neighborhood’16.11.2018
Gold nears one-week high on Brexit deal logjam16.11.2018
India: MCX opens five delivery centres for gold16.11.2018
Modi invited to India gold summit15.11.2018
Silver Cheapest To Gold In 25 Years - Watch China15.11.2018
Wells Fargo turns bullish on gold15.11.2018
The Failure of a Gold Refinery15.11.2018
Gold Stocks vs. Gold – Cryin’ Time Again15.11.2018
Central-Bank Gold Standard: Never Again?15.11.2018
The way ahead for China’s Gold market14.11.2018
Bank of France partners with JPMorgan to boost gold bullion services14.11.2018
Commodity Prices if the World Trades using Gold as Money14.11.2018
Seasonal Strength Is About to Push Gold Prices Higher14.11.2018
Is Silence Golden?14.11.2018
A surprise jump in investor and central bank gold demand14.11.2018
Sanctions push Iran’s Gold Bar and Coin demand to 5-1/2-year high in Q313.11.2018
Global slowdown fears support gold, pressure equities13.11.2018
Royal Mint launches Proof versions of 2019 sovereign13.11.2018
Silver 2019 Recovery Seen on Strong Tech, Beta to Gold13.11.2018
LBMA to reveal size of London's gold market on Nov. 2013.11.2018
France in plot to SWIPE gold trade from London in Brexit grab13.11.2018
How to prospect for gold in England12.11.2018
South Africa gold production falls the most in four years in September12.11.2018
India: Rising gold price vindicates RBI’s investement plan12.11.2018
The truth about the Nizam and his gold12.11.2018
Bank Of England Refuses To Release Venezuela's Gold12.11.2018
Venezuela to boost gold production in spite of U.S. sanctions12.11.2018
Prices When Gold Is Money09.11.2018
India's Booming Economy Expected To Firm Up Gold Demand09.11.2018
Annual gold production falls by a fifth in September09.11.2018
World Gold Council launches GoldHub09.11.2018
China’s gold supply deficit widens over Jan-Sept09.11.2018
Gold Bar Refining Margins -80% on Over-Capacity09.11.2018
Ray Dalio: Put 5-10% in Gold08.11.2018
Gold in Dentistry: Alloys, Uses and Performance08.11.2018
China's gold consumption continues to grow08.11.2018
India sees jump in bullion sales, as investors return to gold08.11.2018
Crypto Mining Costly Than Mining for Gold and Silver08.11.2018
Bank of England Refusing Venezuelan Request to Return $550 Mln in Gold08.11.2018
Gold To Climb 7% Regardless Of Where Stocks Are Headed07.11.2018
Maduro Scrambles To Repatriate Venezuela's Gold07.11.2018
EU Gold demand advances 10 percent during Q307.11.2018
Fund managers' gold positions pay off during market fall07.11.2018
Venezuelan gold sales will continue to be a headwind07.11.2018
Is India losing its love for gold?07.11.2018
World Always Returns To Gold06.11.2018
Which Central Banks Have Purchased Gold In 2018?06.11.2018
Silver News06.11.2018
Rhodium slips on more liquidation, lower offers06.11.2018
Gold likely to advance to $1,500 an ounce in a year06.11.2018
Gold Has The Most To Gain If Equities See Further Losses06.11.2018
Trump increases pressure on Venezuela with sanctions on gold05.11.2018
4 potential reasons for the gold rally05.11.2018
Gold Demand Trends Q3 201805.11.2018
High gold prices likely to weigh on Dhanteras sales05.11.2018
Why Russia, Turkey and China Are Buying Gold at Record Pace05.11.2018
Saudi Arabia: Executive regulation for precious metals issued05.11.2018
CGSE’s new gold appetite02.11.2018
Central bank gold buying hits highest level since 201502.11.2018
U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales rise 7.3 pct in October02.11.2018
Perth Mint's Oct gold, silver sales drop02.11.2018
This Metal Will Soon Be More Precious Than Gold02.11.2018
The Growing Case for Gold02.11.2018
Hungary for Gold01.11.2018
Global platinum production set to return to growth from 201901.11.2018
Goldman says 'fear' is back as gold gains on recession angst01.11.2018
Yangon hustle: the shadowy trade in gold and dollars01.11.2018
Goldcorp CEO Sees 'Quite a Bit of Runway' for Gold Prices01.11.2018
Is ‘Deadman’s Curve’ playing for silver?01.11.2018
Gold industry sees prices rising to $1,532/oz over 12 months31.10.2018
LBMA to reveal size of London's gold market on Nov. 2031.10.2018
Valcambi Reaches Understanding to Acquire Republic Metals Corporation31.10.2018
Chinese Gold mining industry: A story of growth31.10.2018
Diwali gold sales may be same as last year’s31.10.2018
Worst may be over for silver, is likely to deliver better returns than gold31.10.2018
China Just Took Delivery Of A Massive Amount Of Gold From London & New York31.10.2018
Gold & The biggest of big pictures30.10.2018
Why Central Bank Buying Has the Gold Market Guessing30.10.2018
Average Gold/Silver ratio hits record high of 84 in September: LBMA30.10.2018
Barrick Gold considers buying nine of the world’s top gold mines30.10.2018
Demand, price rise lead to spurt in gold smuggling30.10.2018
Gold Stocks Will Benefit From Cyclical Change30.10.2018
Dollar palladium price hits all-time high26.10.2018
China maintaining dominance in gold production through expansion26.10.2018
Gold Jumps, Asian Markets Dump As US Carnage Spreads26.10.2018
Three Stages Of Gold26.10.2018
India’s Gold Buying Season Not Looking as Shiny26.10.2018
Bond Meltdown Will Be Great For Gold26.10.2018
Gold rally will ultimately trip up investors26.10.2018
Fotoschätze aus der Goldrausch-Geisterstadt25.10.2018
Palladium hits record high on mounting concerns over supply25.10.2018
AMP Capital's Naeimi Likes Gold25.10.2018
Gold off highs, still heads for the highest close in almost three months25.10.2018
Gold gets safe-haven boost from weaker equities25.10.2018
Gold & Silver Marketwatch25.10.2018
Gold Is Regaining Its Portfolio Hedge Status24.10.2018
Weekly CoT Update: Speculators Buy Gold at Record Pace24.10.2018
Mysterious gold relic finally identified after baffling scientists for almost 150 years 24.10.2018
Weighing up the merits of gold as volatility returns24.10.2018
When all gold that glitters isn’t golden 24.10.2018
Gold prices inch up amid international economic, political worries24.10.2018
Emerging Economies Stockpiling Gold23.10.2018
Palladium Nears Record After Hedge Funds Piled In23.10.2018
Swiss Gold exports to India plunge nearly 60% m/m in September23.10.2018
COT Report: Is Gold Basing For A Broader Rally?23.10.2018
Gold prices dip as rallying stocks boost risk appetite23.10.2018
This Is What A Paper Gold Short Squeeze Looks Like23.10.2018
Gold & Silver Marketwatch23.10.2018
Swiss platinum imports and palladium exports surge in September22.10.2018
The way ahead for China’s gold market22.10.2018
Where does Russia keep its huge gold reserves?22.10.2018
World Gold Council: Gold Investor, October 201822.10.2018
India’s gold imports rise on new duty concerns22.10.2018
British Royal Mint in Wales welcomes 200,000th visitor22.10.2018
Uncertainty 'rages', gold price strong22.10.2018
Gold Has Suddenly Regained Its Luster22.10.2018
7 Uses Of Gold You Weren’t Aware Of19.10.2018
China’s gold mining industry: a story of growth19.10.2018
The Incredibly Bullish Set-Up for Gold19.10.2018
Gold Prices Gain as Asian Stocks Fall on Disappointing China Data19.10.2018
Why you should hold Gold in the near and long term?19.10.2018
S. Africa: Mining production plunges another 9% in August19.10.2018
Perth Mint gold app gives investors the Midas touch19.10.2018
Palladium price to hit all-time record in 201918.10.2018
Over 1000 jobs to be created as PMMC constructs gold refinery18.10.2018
Gold Ferrari Sells for $517K18.10.2018
Platinum delivers superior spark plug performance18.10.2018
India’s Gold Buyers See Prices Surge in the Run-Up to Diwali18.10.2018
China's Zijin sees 2018 gold output at about 37 tonnes18.10.2018
Ungarns Zentralbank kauft 28 Tonnen Gold17.10.2018
Polen stockt Goldreserven weiter auf17.10.2018
Time To Go All-In On Silver?17.10.2018
Battery Technologies & Silver17.10.2018
A Brief History of Gold's Symbolism in Art17.10.2018
Speculative Selling in Gold Proving Untimely17.10.2018
Perth Mint reveals 2019 coinage16.10.2018
Fed Could Dull China Gold Rally16.10.2018
Poland raises gold holdings to record high in September16.10.2018
Will Gold Shine As An Investment?16.10.2018
Gold marks highest settlement since late July16.10.2018
Inflation Will Drive Gold Prices Later in 2019, Says Fat Prophets' Lennox16.10.2018
Going for gold: Sotheby's to hold first sale dedicated to precious metal15.10.2018
Gold Makes Bullish Breakout As Investors Fear Higher Interest Rates15.10.2018
Gold And Silver 7-Year Bearmarket Phase Is Over15.10.2018
Credit cards made of real gold and costing £3,00015.10.2018
Gold: 10 Years After Lehman Brothers15.10.2018
China: Adding glitter to gold assets abroad15.10.2018
Tentative Signs of Life in Gold15.10.2018
Römischer Münzschatz in Mönchengladbach lässt Forscher rätseln12.10.2018
As sanctions bite Iranians turn to gold12.10.2018
As the Dow tanks, gold shines on12.10.2018
What is Ethical Gold?12.10.2018
One-off gold Ferrari up for sale at Sotheby’s London12.10.2018
Gold breaks the late-August high after $20 jump12.10.2018
Bargain hunters snap up Gold at low prices12.10.2018
IMF Economic forecast improves Gold outlook11.10.2018
The Gold Price Inverse Head-And-Shoulders Pattern Is Classic11.10.2018
Gold prices edge higher as global stocks sag, U.S. dollar slips11.10.2018
Barclays keen on mining sector, sees boost from stronger dollar11.10.2018
Palladium prices remain strong11.10.2018
Gold trading strategies: how to trade gold11.10.2018
Precious Metals Watch – Strong conviction in higher prices10.10.2018
Asia’s wealthy prefer physical gold10.10.2018
5 Charts Show Why Gold May Be Worth Owning Now10.10.2018
WisdomTree says gold rally likely10.10.2018
Bank of Taiwan: Gold prices could rebound middle of next year10.10.2018
Gold Faces New Headwinds As Bond Yields Hit 7-Year High10.10.2018
Perth Mint Displays Beta Hunt Gold Quartz Rock Specimens10.10.2018
PWC: Mine 201810.10.2018
Inflation Is Starting To Heat Up, And That’s Good For Gold09.10.2018
“In Gold we Trust” Report 201809.10.2018
India: Government will begin gold bond sale in festive season 09.10.2018
Gold Is Selling Off Because Of The Dollar Index’s Strength09.10.2018
Barrick-Randgold deal breathes new life into gold09.10.2018
Islamic Finance A Potential Boost For Gold’s ‘Safe Haven’ Status09.10.2018
Here is why China may link the yuan to gold09.10.2018
Inflation auf 7-Jahres-Hoch08.10.2018
Why you should run and buy gold now08.10.2018
Silver Speculators Reduced Their Bearish Bets For Fourth Week08.10.2018
One More Bounce for the Gold Price08.10.2018
Gold: The Unbudgeable Bovine08.10.2018
Gold dips as dollar firms after China eases policy08.10.2018
Central Banks: It’s a global gold rush08.10.2018
ITALY: Fiscal Worries Over Italy Spur Gold Safe-Haven Trade05.10.2018
Gold Price Continues to Struggle Against Resistance05.10.2018
Mining CEOs say deep-level mining is over in SA05.10.2018
“In Gold we Trust” Report 201805.10.2018
LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold battles to hold $1,20005.10.2018
Gold rises after weakest job report this year05.10.2018
Perth Mint's Sept gold, silver sales soar05.10.2018
Gold Bars and Oil Hit by US-China Trade War05.10.2018
Gold price crosses Rs 32,000-mark amid festive demand04.10.2018
Central Banks Buy Gold Fastest Since 201204.10.2018
Digital gold trading takes off04.10.2018
Is Gold Finally Ready To Rebound?04.10.2018
Gold Prices Inch Down as Dollar Strengthens on Positive Private Payroll Data04.10.2018
Silver: Canary In An Inflationary Coal Mine04.10.2018
Could Palladium Become More Valuable Than Gold?04.10.2018
Poland increases gold reserves: FT01.10.2018
Turkey records world's second-highest increase in gold reserves01.10.2018
Can Gold Recover From An Awful 2018?01.10.2018
USD is still very data-dependent, so it will be tricky to trade01.10.2018
Palladium may soon be worth more than gold01.10.2018
Gold–Silver Ratio Still Abnormally High01.10.2018
Look How Well Gold Has Retained Its Value From 1,000 Years Ago28.09.2018
Barrick's Bet on Bristow Could Boost Its South America Revival28.09.2018
Palladium’s punchy technicals28.09.2018
China's Aug net gold imports via Hong Kong hit 2018 low28.09.2018
Gold bears keep control as dollar tests waters around 95 handle28.09.2018
Emirates NBD expects gold to correct further from current levels28.09.2018
BSE to launch gold & silver futures from Oct 128.09.2018
What does 2018 have in store for silver?27.09.2018
India and Gold27.09.2018
Where Does Gold Go from Here? — Denver Gold Forum27.09.2018
Global gold community welcomes increased China presence27.09.2018
India: Titan gains 3% as gold escapes import duty hike27.09.2018
Platinum won't keep gaining against Gold27.09.2018
Shrinking Platinum-Gold Spread Enticing But Likely Short-Lived27.09.2018
Haben Silber-Münzen-Fans jetzt ein gutes Investoren-Näschen?26.09.2018
Gartman: Gold A Buy, Bitcoin A Bust26.09.2018
Mining: Talk of 'peak production' overdone26.09.2018
World Gold Council starts China chapter, adds Shandong Gold to board26.09.2018
Barrick's Thornton Puts Shine Back in Gold With Randgold Bid26.09.2018
World Gold Council sets up China Chapter26.09.2018
John Paulson Joined by 15 Investors in Council to Oversee Gold Miners26.09.2018
India: Higher MSP to drive 25 per cent surge in gold demand25.09.2018
Russia adds further 1 million ounces of Gold to the reserve in August25.09.2018
Gold tends to rally after US Fed announcements25.09.2018
India: Government to spare gold from higher tax25.09.2018
Silver Speculators Pulled Back On Their Bearish Bets For 2nd Week25.09.2018
John Paulson teams up with investors to start Gold Council25.09.2018
Warum Barrick und Randgold einen Goldriesen schmieden24.09.2018
Central Bank Gold Purchases Now Control 10% Of The Total Market24.09.2018
Gold Exodus to Reverse24.09.2018
Central banks' gold demand to remain buoyant24.09.2018
Gold Price Trend Forecast 201824.09.2018
Bank of America sees gold topping $1 300 on fiscal deficit24.09.2018
Gold Price At An Inflection Point24.09.2018
Gold Mining Stocks Are Getting Cheap, But Investors Are in No Rush24.09.2018
World Gold Council: Market Update21.09.2018
India, Chinese demand lift August Swiss Gold exports to 14-month high21.09.2018
Gold & Silver Price Analysis: Range-break in Sight?21.09.2018
Gold Gains, Set to Record Weekly Gain; Dollar Also Trade Higher21.09.2018
Why the Next Market Crash Will Not Take Gold Down21.09.2018
Iran removes limit on gold, foreign currency imports21.09.2018
Central bank demand for gold reaches 3-year high21.09.2018
Gold To Rally Whenever Fed Pauses On Tightening21.09.2018
O'zapft is! The gold/Oktoberfest beer ratio revisited20.09.2018
The most expensive precious metals you should know about20.09.2018
Why Do Turkish Banks Hold Gold at the Turkish Central Bank? 20.09.2018
Silver And Gold: Best Buy In 20 Years?20.09.2018
Gold 'Break Out' Expected20.09.2018
Gold and Blockchain: A Win-Win Combination20.09.2018
The Massive Pension Crisis Could Add to Gold’s Allure20.09.2018
Mann findet Gold im Wert von 83.500 Euro in der Küche19.09.2018
Precious Metals To Watch In Next Bear Market19.09.2018
Silver's Discount to Gold Is the Biggest Since the 1990s19.09.2018
Gold prices inch up as dollar eases despite trade dispute19.09.2018
Turkish banks feel pinch of currency crunch, liquidate gold19.09.2018
Gold: The Original 'Stable Coin'19.09.2018
World Gold Council warns India against curbs on gold imports19.09.2018
Gold: A New Trade War Weapon?19.09.2018
Das sind die Länder mit den größten Goldreserven18.09.2018
Der Gold-Indikator offenbart die wahre Krise der Türkei18.09.2018
India's import duty on Gold likely to increase by 3% to control CAD18.09.2018
Drinking Gold Was a Grisly Anti-Aging Trend of 16th-Century France18.09.2018
Gold Bears Feeling Some Heat But Not Sweating Yet18.09.2018
3 Currencies to Watch in a Bear Market for Gold18.09.2018
Gold With A Double Top On The 23,6% Fibo18.09.2018
Did Physicists Accidentally Discover A Way To Make Gold?18.09.2018
Gold falls as investors turn to dollar for safety amid trade worries18.09.2018
Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves17.09.2018
Gold buying wanes at major Asian centres as prices gain17.09.2018
Turkish Banks Liquidate Gold In Currency Crisis Panic17.09.2018
Gold nudges up amid looming U.S. tariffs on China17.09.2018
Turkey Banks Tap $4.5 Billion Gold Reserves to Shore Up Finances17.09.2018
Gold Speculators Cut Back On Their Bearish Bets This Past Week17.09.2018
Top platinum mines keep digging even as price at decade low17.09.2018
Perth Mint Gold Bullion Sales Rally in August to Ten-Month High17.09.2018
Bundesbank-Goldschatz ist für Deutschland wichtiger denn je14.09.2018
Gold Prices Jump to Session Highs After U.S. Inflation Miss14.09.2018
Will Annual Wage Gain Support Gold?14.09.2018
Weak Chinese auto sales hurt Platinum, Palladium prices14.09.2018
Why millennial brides and grooms are going platinum14.09.2018
Gold slips amid hopes for new U.S.-Chinese talks14.09.2018
Indian Gold Imports At Highest In 15 Months14.09.2018
Gold/Silver ratio spikes to above 8513.09.2018
Gold Just Got This Contrarian “Soft” Signal13.09.2018
Central Banks Go On Gold Buying Spree Over Dollar Worries13.09.2018
Gold climbs to highest finish in 2 weeks13.09.2018
The gold market and the vicissitudes of the financial markets 13.09.2018
Here’s why one analyst made a call to buy some gold13.09.2018
Italien: Goldschatz unter leerem Theater gefunden12.09.2018
'Adverse Trends' Hit India Gold Buying12.09.2018
World Gold Council hopeful of gold price rally12.09.2018
Gold-to-Silver Ratio Spikes to Highest Level in 27 Years12.09.2018
Indian Gold Imports At Highest In 15 Months12.09.2018
Gold Price Rebound Mired by String of Lower Highs & Lows12.09.2018
Gold nugget weighing 90kg uncovered in Australian mine12.09.2018
Putting platinum in pole position12.09.2018
5 Major Reasons Why You Must Invest in Gold11.09.2018
Precious Metals Positioning is the Most Extreme Ever11.09.2018
You Need This Much Silver To Buy The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost11.09.2018
Gold’s Grim Picture Makes The Metal More Attractive11.09.2018
Highest-grade gold mines in 201711.09.2018
The Perth Mint unveils 2019 Australian Bullion Coin Program11.09.2018
Why This Fall Could Be Kind To Gold Investors11.09.2018
Gold Price Trend Points Lower After Upbeat US Wage Growth Data11.09.2018
Gold Awaits the Decision on Tariffs and China’s Response10.09.2018
Record Gold/Silver Shorts10.09.2018
COMEX Silver To Test 2015 Lows10.09.2018
Some Long Term Gold and Currency Charts10.09.2018
Congressmen Introduce Bill to End Taxation of Gold and Silver10.09.2018
India's Gold imports shoot up in August10.09.2018
Gold: Remains Vulnerable With Price Extension Risk10.09.2018
Turkish Treasury to issue new gold-based bonds10.09.2018
Gold/Silver ratio hits best in a decade07.09.2018
Peak gold approaching rapidly07.09.2018
Hot-Money Hits '4 Nines' Link to Gold Price07.09.2018
Mongolia's central bank purchases 12.2 tons of gold so far07.09.2018
Russia buys gold from China07.09.2018
Russian Finance Ministry Considering Abolishing VAT on Gold07.09.2018
Have COMEX Silver and Gold truly Bottomed-out?06.09.2018
China to 'kill US dollar' with its hidden gold reserves?06.09.2018
Gold struggles to break above $1200 as DXY recovers from daily lows06.09.2018
Asia’s super rich advised to add more gold to their portfolios 06.09.2018
What Turkey Can Teach Us About Gold06.09.2018
Gold’s Ratio to Silver Hits Its Highest Level Since 200806.09.2018
OeNB holt 90 Tonnen Gold nach Österreich zurück05.09.2018
Trump’s misguided policies will displace the dollar05.09.2018
Gold & Silver Finally Have A Bullish Setup 05.09.2018
Buying Gold Most Popular Since Trump's Election05.09.2018
September Is The Best Month For Gold and Worst Month For Stocks05.09.2018
Unique properties of gold05.09.2018
India: gold imports drop 31.56% to 168 tonnes in Apr-July05.09.2018
Gold review: Greenback remains the focal point05.09.2018
Heraeus: US investors see low platinum price as a buying opportunity04.09.2018
Gold likely to climb back to $1,350 an ounce by the end of 201804.09.2018
Gold inches down as trade worries keep dollar firm04.09.2018
Trading on the Gold Silver Ratio04.09.2018
gold seen as best value since 201204.09.2018
Venezuelan President Invests in Gold Savings Plan04.09.2018
Gold and Silver Set-Up Does Not Bode Well for the Dollar04.09.2018
Perth Mint Reveals 2019 designs of Australian Bullion Coin Program04.09.2018
Bitcoin vs Gold: Examining Store of Value, Liquidity, Scarcity & Security03.09.2018
India: August gold imports surge to eight-month high03.09.2018
Perth Mint's August gold, silver sales rise on lower prices03.09.2018
U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales fall 38.6 pct in August03.09.2018
Gold Speculators Trimmed Their Bearish Net Position This Week03.09.2018
As Emerging Market Currencies Collapse, Gold is being Mobilized03.09.2018
Tiffany strikes gold as sales once again beat expectations03.09.2018
India: RBI buys gold for first time in nearly a decade 03.09.2018
Gold revival still depends on the dollar31.08.2018
The Final Gold Bull Market Confirmation Is Very Close31.08.2018
India: Ahead of festive season, Gold sells at a premium31.08.2018
Gold Is Excellent Way to Hedge for Longer Term, Says BNP Paribas' Shing31.08.2018
Bulls could finally take a shine to gold in September 31.08.2018
US Mint’s First Palladium Proof Coin on Sale September 631.08.2018
India’s Currency Hits Record Low Vs. Dollar On Rising Oil Prices31.08.2018
Gold rises, but set for longest monthly losing streak in 5-1/2 years31.08.2018
The Spectator: The record bull run must end soon. 30.08.2018
INDIA : Floods Could Cut Indian Gold Demand In Half 30.08.2018
BNP PARIBAS : Gold Is Excellent Way to Hedge for Longer Term 30.08.2018
"INFLATION Will Run Amok", DiMartino Booth Says 30.08.2018
Eleven Reasons Why I Am Super Bullish On Gold And Silver 30.08.2018

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Prof. Dr. Polleit: Der Kreditzyklus - diesmal ist er anders31.01.2019
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Die Abwärtsrisiken steigen20.01.2019
Lawrie Williams: Schweizer Goldausfuhren im November 2018 56% höher als Importe10.01.2019
Lawrie Williams: Chinesische Goldnachfrage sinkt, Gesamtjahr noch im Plus16.12.2018
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Gefangen in der Niedrigzinspolitik12.12.2018
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Das Ende der Fed-Zinsstraffung naht23.11.2018
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Lawrie Williams: Die Goldnachfrage in China könnte nachlassen11.10.2018
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Das Risiko steigender US-Zinsen28.09.2018
Lawrie Williams: Hongkong fällt bei den jüngsten Schweizer Goldexportzahlen zurück24.09.2018
Lawrie Williams: Gold-Silber Preisverhältnis erreicht 25-Jahreshoch19.09.2018
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Gold und Silber als konkurrierende Zahlungsmittel zum US-Dollar14.09.2018
Lawrie Williams: Die chinesische Goldnachfrage steigt07.09.2018
Lawrie Williams: Australiens Goldproduktion 2017/2018 nahezu auf Rekordniveau03.09.2018
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Der Konjunkturzyklus lebt31.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Ernstfall für mineralische Rohstoffe30.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Goldpreis zurück über $1.200 Dollar26.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Indien im Juli wieder an der Spitze der Schweizer Goldexporte23.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Russische Goldreserven auf dem Weg zu 2.000 Tonnen21.08.2018
Prof. Dr. Polleit: Gold: Preis fällt unter Wert17.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Chinas Goldnachfrage steigt auf über 2.000 Tonnen13.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Chinas Devisenreserven steigen im Juli trotz Goldpreisrückgang07.08.2018
Lawrie Williams: Indiens Goldimporte stiegen im Geschäftsjahr 2017/18 um 22,4%02.08.2018

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